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Mission, Vision, Values

St. Joseph's Hospice Resource Centre Sarnia-Lambton
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The St. Joseph's Hospice of Sarnia-Lambton provides compassionate, expert, holistic care to enhance quality and dignity of life for individuals living with and dying from a terminal illness.

A compassionate community providing hope, care and support unconditionally to those approaching end-of-life, those caring for them, and those grieving for



• Recognize the sacredness of life
• Care for the whole person
• Maintain unity of purpose, while recognizing individual differences


• Act with understanding and sensitivity
• Respond to the needs of those we serve and each other
• Give from the heart in the spirit of our tradition


• Create an environment of welcome and hospitality
• Provide quality care
• Promote a culture of innovation and learning
• Act co-operatively with community partners
• Journey with those in our care


• Act with integrity
• Provide stewardship of all resources
• Be accountable for our actions

The St. Joseph's Hospice of Sarnia Lambton provides compassionate care to enhance quality and dignity of life for those living with a terminal illness.

What is a Hospice?

Hospices follow a two-pronged approach: residential care and community-based programs and services. The residence provides a home-like atmosphere where individuals, their families and other members of their support team can receive compassionate care and comfort through end-of-life.  Hospice is also about providing emotional and spiritual support for the terminally ill and their loved ones. Services and facilities are provided free of charge and available to all residents of Sarnia Lambton, regardless of faith, culture or race.

St. Joseph's Hospice provides a very important link between the general public of Sarnia Lambton and the existing health system, community agencies, health professionals and volunteers thus enhancing end-of-life care. Service is extended through bereavement when loved ones require assistance or other forms of grief and loss support. Additionally, the Centre has established social programs such as walking, lunch and art groups together with complementary therapy programs for comfort and relaxation, helping reduce stress and improve quality of life.

Longstanding Traditions

The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Diocese of London and the St. Joseph's Health Care society have had a longstanding relationship with the community. Health care is a mandate of the Society. St. Joseph's Hospice was developed to enhance hospice palliative care to all persons in Sarnia Lambton who are at the end-of-life together with their support network.

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Anna (Ill, Friend)
"I was totally unaware of St. Joseph's Hospice until a friend brought me into the Centre. I was immediately struck by the feeling of home, rather than an institution; you feel like you are in your own home, or a friend's home."

Anna (Ill, Friend)

"I love coming to group because it takes your mind off of how bad things really are and helps you move forward a bit."

From Caring Hearts Children's Program Member (Ages 13-17)

Jane Bisson (Caregiver, Friend)
"The perception seems to be that hospice is where people go to die, and it's not. The services available through St. Joseph's Hospice improve the quality of life for anyone touched by terminal illness."

Jane Bisson (Caregiver, Friend)