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Cross Canada Grandpas

Cross Canada Grandpas

Congratulations to the Cross Canada Grandpas for completing their Cross-Canada bike riding adventure.

It is not too late to support Mike Tanner by makeing a donation to St. Jospeh's Hospice of Sarnia Lambton. This cause is very personal to Mike. His late wife, Dr. Linda Bowring was an early pioneer in the field of End of Life Care. Tragically, she died of cancer in 2003. Mike rode across Canada to raise funds for Hospice and Palliative Care Program.

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Below is a list of location on their adventures. - BLOG
 Day to Day.. where we are page 1... May 27 to July 5
 Day to Day: where we are page 2... July 6 to Aug 18
 Day -8 and counting: Beginnings of an epic journey. Cross Canada Grandpas ready to cycle across Canada
 Day -4 Launch Event in Sarnia, Ontario 4 grandpas get a sendoff !
 Day -3 Crossing the USA A VERY BIG COUNTRY
 Day (-1) Companions Introducting the grandpas: 4 brief bio's
 Day (1) Victoria and a GREAT send off !!
 Day 2 Tsawwassen to Mission 86km, 600m elevation, 6 hrs riding
 Day 3 Mission to Hope
 Day 4 Hope to E C Manning 75km, 1605m climb 8.5hrs ride pedal 5hrs
 Day 5 E.C. Manning Park to Princeton. 65Km, 650m elevation 5.5hs
 Day 6 Princeton to Penticton 105Km, 420m climb, 7.5hrs ride
 Day 7 Penticton to Kelowna 85Km, 450m climb. 7.5hr ride
 Day 8 Kelowna to Enderby 88Km. 782 m climb 8hr ride
 Day 9 Enderby to Noah's Ark Resort 105Km, 850m climb, 8hr ride
 Day 10 Noah's Ark to Revelstoke 35Km ride 271m climb 3hr ride
 Day 11 Revelstoke to Rogers Pass 83Km, 1174m climb, 8hr ride
 Day 12 Rogers Pass to Golden 85Km Climb 1265m, 5.5hr ride
 Day 13 Golden to Lake Louise 81Km 1160m climb 8hr ride
 Day 14 Lake Louise to Banff 74km 7hr ride
 Day 15 Banff to Calgary 125km 385m climb, 8hr ride
 Day 16, Rest Day, Calgary. Distance pedalled 0Km,
 Day 17, Calgary to Strathmore BC, 77Km 5hr ride
 day 18 Strathmore to Brooks 142km, 9hr ride
 day 19 Brooks to Medicine Hat (The Gas City) Do you know why? Read on. 105Km 234m climb, 6hr ride
 Day 20 Medicine Hat to Tompkins 150Km, 7.5hr ride
 Day 21 Tompkins to Swift Current 80Km 264m climb 6hr ride
 Day 22 Swift Current to Morse 59Km 145m climb 4.5hr ride
 Day 23 Morse to Moose Jaw 125km, 216m climb 8hr ride
 Day 24 Moose Jaw to Regina 85km ride 134m climb 6hr ride
 Day 25 Regina to Grenfell 120Km 6.5hr
 Day 26 Grenfell to Elkhorn 135Km 71m climb 8hr ride
 Day 27 Elkhorn to Brandon 96Km 88m climb 6 hr ride
 Day 28 Brandon to Portage la Prairie 140Km, 80m climb 9hr ride
 Day 29 Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg 108 Km 9hr ride
 Day 30 Winnipeg to Prawda 96Km , 110m climb, 6hr ride
 Day 31 Prawda to Kenora 109Km, 460m climb, 6hr ride
 Day 32 Kenora to Vermilion Bay, 98Km, 601m climb 6 hr ride
 Day 33 Vermilion to Dryden 53 Km, 276m climb 2hr ride
 Day 34 Dryden: Rest Day
 Day 35 Dryden to Ignace 107Km, 490m climb 6hr ride
 Day 36 Ignace to Upsala 107Km, 337m climb, 6hr ride
 Day 37 Upsala to Thunder Bay. 142km, 490m climb 8hr ride
 Day 38 Thunder Bay to Nipigon 98Km, 450m climb 5 hr ride
 Day 39 Nipigon to Rossport 81km, 722m climb 5hr ride
 Day 40 Rossport to Neys Provincial Park, 90Km, 780m climb, 5hr ride
 Day 41 Neys Provincial Park to White River, 120Km, 790m climb 7 hr ride
 Day 42 White River to Rabbit Blanket Camp, Lake Superior Provincial park
 Day 43 Rabbit Blanket Camp to Batchawana Bay 125Km 980m climb 7.5hr ride (Elio)
 Day 44 Batchawana Bay to Bruce Mines 140Km 247m climb 6hr ride
 Day 45 Bruce Mines to Spragge 105Km 420m climb 5hr ride
 DAY 46 Spragge to Sudbury 145km 651m climb 5hr ride*
 Day 47 Sudbury to Sturgeon Falls 97Km 326m climb 5hr ride
 Day 48 Sturgeon Falls to North Bay 51Km, 158m climb, 3hr ride
 Day 53 North Bay to Deux Rivieres 89Km 790m climb 5 hr ride
 Day 54 Deux Rivieres to Petawawa 119Km, 680m climb 6 hr ride
 Day 55 Petawawa to Shawville 91 km 5 hr ride
 Day 56 Shawville to L'Ange Gardien 112Km 6hr ride
 Day 57 L'Ange Gardien to Camulet 77Km, 5hr ride, Wickedly Fierce E wind, rain
 Day 58 Camulet to Lac des Plaines 94Km, Pleasant E wind, 5 hr ride
 Day 59 St Anne de Plaines to Trois Rivieres 140km, 6hr ride, helpful S wind
 Day 60 Trois Rivieres to Quebec City 127Km 6hr ride, helpful S wind
 Day 61 Quebec City Rest day
 Day 62 Quebec City to Montmagny 75Km, 5 hr ride, Neutral wind
 Day 63 Montmagny to St Alexandre de Kamourouska 127km, 5 hr ride, strong tail wind.
 Day 64 St Alexandre de Kamourouska to Cabano 97Km 5 hr ride
 Day 65 Cabano to St Basile 80km, Helpful westerly wind
 Day 66 St Basile to Plaster Rock 97 Km 5 hr ride (10 days to go till we board the ferry to Argentina, NF)
 Day 67 Plaster Rock to Miramachi 165Km 8 hr ride (Elio & John D)
 Day 68 Miramichi to St Edouard-de-Kent 99km, Helpful wind
 Day 69 St Edouard-De-Kent to Murray Beach 99Km Moderate wind
 Day 70 Murray Beach to Charlottetown 70 Km 3 hr ride
 Day 71 Charlottetown KOA, rest day *
 Day 72 Charlottetown to Pictou, 82Km, *
 Day 72 Charlottetown to Pictou, 82Km, *
 Day 73 Pictou to Linwood 112Km Extremely hot *
 Day 74 Linwood to Timeout Camp, 80Km.. *
 Day 75 Timeout Camp to Sydney 78 Km *
 Day 76. North Sydney to Argentia, Nfld *
 Day 77 Argentia to St John’s 130 km(Elio), 85km Mike, John G, Volkmar. Huge west wing ! *
 Day 78 St John's to Middle Cove Beach 15Km 1hr ride *

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2018 10:49 AM