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St. Joseph’s Hospice was very fortunate to be selected as a recipient of the 2021 Community Impact Grant through the Sarnia Community Foundation that was supported by the McDermott Fund. A cheque was presented to St. Joseph’s Hospice in the amount of $5,919.58 to purchase a new Blanket Warmette (Towel/Blanket Warmer) for the Residence at St. Joseph’s Hospice. A warmer is an essential component in providing our residents with comfort throughout their end-of-life journey. A very big THANK YOU to the Sarnia Community Foundation, and especially the McDermott Fund, for their generous donation to make this possible.

In photo, from left to right, are: Les McDermott and Kelly Chartrand, Director of Residence, St. Joseph’s Hospice with our new Blanket Warmette.


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