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Catch the ACE Lottery

The Ace of Spades is still hiding and the weekly prize winner's card did NOT contain the ACE. You have another chance to WIN!

The Catch the Ace Progressive Jackpot is over $9,000 and will continue to grow until the draw this Thursday.

Buy your tickets today at for a chance to win the next Weekly Prize and the perhaps WIN even BIGGER if you CATCH THE ACE OF SPADES.

Thanks to you and your ticket purchases, the CATCH THE ACE lottery is providing 50% of all revenue to help St. Joseph's care for those in our community at the end of their journey.

Here are the last three winners:

Week #12 - Kayla Driver - Ticket # L-1765398 – Card #33 – 9 of Spades

Week #13 – Jill Driver–Ticket # M-2896737- Card #28 – 3 of Clubs

Week #14 – Ruth Vanderburgt -Ticket # N-2995656 – Card #23 – 9 of Hearts


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