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Join Us in Celebrating Awaken Week! October 4th – 10th

Join Us in Celebrating Awaken Week!

Awaken Week is a joyful celebration of the determined, audacious women of faith, The Sisters of St. Joseph, who started a revolution in Canada before Canada was even a country. They laid the groundwork for what we now know as health, education and social services. Today, we continue to serve with the same core of deep-hearted desire.

At the heart of Catholic health care is a deep respect for the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being and an unwavering commitment to serving all people, from all backgrounds and faiths – especially society’s most vulnerable.

St. Joseph’s Hospice of Sarnia-Lambton is one of the 124 health and human service organizations across Canada who belong to the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada. As such, we are dedicated to upholding the compassionate, thoughtful and considerate values of our Catholic identity. Our connection to Catholic Health Care stems from the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the audacious women who inspire our service. The Sisters’ legacy and their value system is foundational to how we provide care to the Sarnia-Lambton community.

Our service is inspired by our Catholic roots, and we continue to serve ALL in need regardless of their faith background. The courageous gift we give – and the one we receive – is an offer to journey with people, building transformative relationships, through joy, sorrow and everything in between.

Please watch this video below to learn more as we celebrate our legacy.

Submitted by

Kellie Webster

Spiritual & Supportive Care Counsellor

Our Value of Stewardship - Sunday, October 4 - Message

St. Joseph’s Hospice truly values their donors. When we steward our donors, we follow the three L’s – Loyal, Leadership and Long-term. 

  • We look for donors who are interested and passionate about our mission 
  • We offer our donors reasons to support our mission and we share with our donors how their support is making a difference.
  • We share how our donors are helping us to achieve our Mission.

Over the past six months, everyone has had to make changes and adjustments to their lives.  We have got used to a new way of working and we miss seeing our donors! However,  we have been humbled and delighted by the ongoing support of the Sarnia Lambton community who have continued to come up with fun ways to keep fundraising; whether supporting our virtual events or doing their own thing, hosting a lemonade stand, donations of dinner, golf outings and Shirts for Sarnia, everyone has been amazing!

St. Joseph’s Hospice also values the importance of how we act as stewards to ourselves in how we maintain and support the wellbeing of those that work within the organization.

In October we celebrate Awaken Week and Thanksgiving which is a time of giving thanks for all our blessings. Without the generosity of our donors and our volunteers, our work would not be possible.

Throughout Catholic Health Care Week, we celebrate Our Leadership Role that Catholic health care makes the Canadian health care system stronger, more responsive, and more sustainable. Guided by our values and inspired by our Founding Sisters, we are pioneers, leaders, and innovators. We are resourceful and effective partners within the health system, responding to the communities we serve with compassion, ethical integrity and the highest quality of care and services. 

We thank our donors many times during the year because without their support we could not do what we do.

Submitted by

Maria Muscedere

Fund Development & Community Relations Manager


Our Value of Equity - Monday, October 5 - Message

Equity informs the work we do across Hospice and especially in our 10-bed Residence. Equity refers to ensuring people have what they need to reach their goals of care – for their desired death, whereas equality refers to treating everyone the same. If we respond from a model of equality, everyone might not have what they need to reach their goals of care (see image below).

In our 10-bed Residence, we aim to meet the needs of those in our care by responding from a place of equity, allowing for us to understand what their desires are and what is required for them to meet those desires and to respond accordingly.   Different individuals have different needs and our interdisciplinary care team works to ensure those needs our met to the best of our capability. An example of this could be a resident’s goal of not wanting to die alone, though they have limited family around. We would provide the volunteers and staff required to hold vigil with that resident to meet their goal of care, whereas another resident may not require that as they have family available to hold vigil at beside.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our ability to provide care as we once did, nevertheless, our interdisciplinary care team is working to ensure we can offer equity to our Residents and their families while responding responsibly to the public health recommendations at this time.

Our organizational value of equity supports the commitment of social justice from Catholic Health Care; advocating for services for all individuals in times of vulnerability and to create a safe environment based on their needs, where their voices can be heard and responded to with dignity and respect.

Submitted by

Kellie Webster

Spiritual & Supportive Care Counsellor

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